Saturday, 14 June 2014

Kenya's 'iconic' tusker elephant Satao is killed by poachers

Satao, one of Kenya’s largest elephants, has died after being shot by poachers using poisoned arrows. 

Satao was one of the last surviving ‘great tuskers’, elephants with tusks so large they reach down to the ground.

He had been living in the Tsavo East National Park in northern Kenya but had become a target for poachers, who were using GPS and mobile phones to track him.

For 18 months, the Kenyan Wildlife Service joined forces with the Tsavo Trust to monitor Satao’s movements using aerial reconnaissance and ground personnel within his known home range.

Despite this, poachers were still able to reach him and in March, the 50-year-old elephant was shot by poachers using poisoned arrows.

Vets rushed to the scene to treat him and he went on to make a surprise recovery.

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