Monday, 4 August 2014

What is BB cream?

BB cream stands for Beauty or Blemish Balm.

It acts as a moisturiser, blemish balm and light coverage; it evens skin tone and often comes with an SPF protection. It’s designed to be a lighter, blemish-fighting version of your foundation, and a more complex tinted moisturiser. It doesn’t provide as much coverage as a foundation – but you do get the added benefits of skincare.

It’s great for perking up tired skin and evening skin tone, covering redness and giving you a healthy looking glow. You can still wear concealer on top for a bit of extra coverage. Although you might be better off opting for CC cream which provides heavier coverage nearer to a foundation. There are all sorts of BB cream, whether you have oily/combination skin or
dry skin. If you do have oily skin No7 does an excellent BB cream – although it’s wise to not wear moisturiser as well – this can be a bit too much for oily skin.

Best for: skin that occasionally breaks out, dry-oily, a natural looking coverage and moisturiser in one.

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