Monday, 23 February 2015

10 things I wish I could tell my 15 year-old self

If you could turn back the clocks, what would you tell your 15 year old self?

1. Don't buckle under the pressure of the cooler girls - they'll take you to the bathroom at school and make you put on make up, and you'll happily oblige. But when you start on that slippery slope it's pretty much impossible to stop wearing make up - so enjoy your young and youthful skin, make up free, naked and exposed while you can!

2. That boy on the bus who you stare at with big lamb eyes? He isn't the one, you're not going to marry him and have babies. In fact you've not met your future soul mate yet, so let him go. As heart-breaking as it feels now, it's not love. It's a teenage longing for romance and lust. As page turning as your journal might be, it's nothing to how you will feel when you're truly in love.

3. Those massive, purple flares you love wearing? They're not that great. They're even worse when teamed with your bright red wooly jumper, in the summer. I know, I know, they're both new and you want to wear them both to 'non uniform day' at school. But trust me when I say, you will look crazy not coordinated. At least that nickname 'Santa pants' didn't stick for long.

4. The hang up you have with you poor white legs? Give it up. No matter how much you try to tan yourself, it isn't going to work. Mother nature has, in her wisdom, chosen you to be pale. But good news! One day it will be cool to have pale skin, celebs will be flaunting their pasty tones with pride. So hang in there.

5. All that annoying, cringe advice your mum gives you is going to turn out to be true. Buckle up for 'I told you so'.

6. Read, re-read, double check and then DELETE everything you think is cool and angst on your Bebo, MySpace and Facebook page. One day someone might stumble across it and boy will you look like a tit.

7. Stop trying to grow up! Oh my days it is so not what you think it will be like. That fancy office suit you always dreamt of wearing is actually like a hair vest, an albatross around your neck and just plain UGLY when it comes down to it. So enjoy being a silly, care-free, teenager - who let's face it - can get away with just about anything right now.

8. Think it's tough going to school every day and having home work to do? Ok, so the home work bit is definitely a raw deal. But 9-3.30pm is not so bad. When you have work every day, with a commute on top - you're often leaving when it's dark and getting home when it's dark. Kiss the sunlight goodbye.

9. One day, you're going to be best friends with your mum. I know, seems crazy right now. But she will be your ally, the person you tell everything to first. She's the one who will have your back and pick up the phone no matter what. You'll have some laughs too - so don't be too hard on her now.

10. You and your friends are going to fall out all the time. You're living your very own Eastenders, there's drama around every corner at school, during break times, over text. It's stressful. But thank your sweet lucky stars that Facebook hasn't been invented yet. Then there is truly no escape from it. 

Enjoy being 15! It's awesome. You have no bills, no real-world stresses, no money to worry about and good news - you have your twenties to look forward to - free and young!

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