Friday, 27 February 2015

The Best Banana Split Cake

This cake is a real beauty - a mouth-watering monster. You need to have this in your life. The best bit about this cake is that you can pretty much make whatever sponge you like. Dig out a few recipes that you think would go together, and decorate with bright yellow icing.


  • Make two or three sponges - banana bread with walnuts works particularly well. Team it with a chocolate, vanilla or madera sponge. Leave these to cool completely.
  • Create a delicious banana flavoured butter cream for the middle of the sponges - piece together and leave.
  • Next make the outside icing. Use food colouring gel for best results and pick a bright yellow colour. Make a simple icing with the yellow gel and carefully spread all over the cake.
  • For the chocolate, the trick to get a smooth shiny finish is to make a ganache, and mix in corn syrup.
  • The topping is really just crushed nuts, sprinkles and whatever you like!

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